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In keeping with our focus on creating the highest quality, authentic, American-forged golf irons, the availability of our 1/953 Series irons is limited to a total of 953 clients globally. For reference, this total is fewer than the number of production units for the Porsche 911 R.

Client Reservation Requests

At this time, we are reviewing applications on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on private referrals from our existing clients and friends of P53.

Mailing List

For those interested in learning more about P53 and the 1/953 Series of hand-crafted, bespoke-ground irons, please complete this form, and it will be our pleasure to include you in future correspondence. Note: from a public communications perspective, we are generally quiet unless we have something meaningful to say to you. Most find this a startling departure from other golf equipment companies. Be patient, and remain positive; you will hear from us when the time is right.

Press or Other Inquiries

For press or other inquiries, please email us at press@P53irons.com. While we cannot guarantee a response, we thank you in advance for your interest in P53 and hope that you will become a friend of P53 in the future.